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Exam centre change - request submission is opened

 It is hereby notified that students appearing for forthcoming B.Tech S7 Hons, B.Tech S8 Hons and B.Tech S8 (Regular & Supplementary) Exams can apply for change of exam centre through student login in KTU portal. Portal will be opened between 05.06.2020, Friday and 09.06.2020, Tuesday (both days inclusive) for students to apply. Students who wish to write these examinations in a college other than their parent institute can apply through portal.It may be noted that *students who wish to write exams in their parent institute itself NEED NOT apply through portal.* Their exam centre will be their parent institute by default.

Students can opt 3 different colleges as exam centre. University will allot one exam centre based on the availability which need not be the college opted by student, but it will be within the district where he/she resides based on the data provided by the student. Exam centre change once approved by University will be final for the corresponding exam. Further request for a change in exam centre will not be considered.Students are directed to refer Annexure I - Important points to be noted while applying for exam centre change before applying for exam centre change through portal..