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B.Tech Degree Examination result of 2016-20 batch is published

  It is hereby notified that the results of B.Tech Degree Examinations of 2016-20 batch is published. The details of results are available in the Student and College logins. Provisional Certificates will be issued from 25th September 2020 to Individual Institutions. Soft copies of Semester Grade cards are already available in the respective student login. However, the Consolidated Grade Cards (in the form of a transcript) will be issued to individual institutions within a month. The time schedule for this will be intimated later. No fee will be collected for the issuance of Provisional Certificates and Consolidated Grade Cards. Applications for Degree Certificates will be accepted through registration in the portal. The formalities of registration will be intimated later. It is also notified that NO certificates will be issued from the University directly to students and communications in this regard will not be entertained. Notification