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B.Tech S1 and S3 (suppl'y) registration is open now 

B.Tech S1 and S3 (suppl'y) registration is open now  Registration to B.Tech S1 and S3 Supplementary exam registration (B.Tech S1 (R,S) Exam and B.Tech S3 (R,S) Exam Dec 2018) is open now. Supplementary registration to common courses of odd and even semesters (such as PH100, CY100 etc. in S1 and S2 and HS200, HS210 etc. in S3 and S4) should be registered under above mentioned exams irrespective of at which semester the student undergone the regular course. Last date for registration through Student login is 28th Nov 2018, Wednesday and Last date for final submission by College to University is 30th Nov 2018, Friday.