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Registration to B.Tech S1 and S2 supplementary courses - Date extended

Its observed that even after extension of date, certain students couldn't register for supplementary examinations of 1st and 2nd semester courses till now. Those who couldn't register for supplementary exams shall approach College office and pay the required fee. College can do registration for students. Registration will be opened in College logins upto 18th June, Tuesday. It should be noted that supplementary registration to common courses of odd (S1) and even (S2) semesters (such as PH100, CY100, BE110 etc.) should be registered under B.Tech S2 (R,S) Exam May 2019 - irrespective of which semester the student had undergone the regular course. Registration to S1 specific courses (such as MA101 - Calculus, BE103 - Introduction to Sustainable engineering etc.) will be opened later.